11 Jul

Fast acting braces from City of London dentist

In the past, straightening teeth almost inevitably meant having to wear the traditional style metal fixed braces, commonly known as train track braces. While effective, these braces also had several very noticeable drawbacks. Not only were they not the most pleasant to look at, but they also posed problems when it came to teeth cleaning. Regular tightening sessions made the braces painful and the metal could also cause irritation to the soft tissue lining of the cheek. However, by far and away the most common complaint was that the length of treatment was often excessive. In some cases, patients had to wear the braces for up to three years, which is a substantial period of time.
However, in recent years there have been major developments in the field of orthodontic teeth straightening. New braces have come on to the market that have addressed all of these old issues and more. Braces such as the Inman aligner for example, offer a more discreet straightening experience with the incredible bonus being the treatment time is only a quarter of the average time with fixed metal braces.
Other braces such as the Six Month Smile offer similar incredibly fast straightening. Braces such as the Damon system and Invisalign are not quite as speedy in the straightening stakes but they still beat the traditional braces by a comfortable six months. They also have other benefits in terms of incredible discretion and comfort. You can learn more about all these orthodontic devices and more at your next appointment with a City of London dentist.