01 Jun

Fast, discreet straightening with Six Month Smile braces from City of London dentist

There are many different types of braces and teeth aligners on the market today, each offering a different advantage over the other orthodontic straighteners. But there is one brace that offers all round treatment that is both effective and fast.
Six Month Smile braces were developed in the US about a decade ago and are currently sweeping the UK, rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for many patients and dentists. The main advantages they offer to patients are that treatment takes on average about six months (hence the clever name), around 75 per cent shorter than most conventional treatments. The wires and brackets used in Six Month braces are also smaller and tooth coloured so they are much more discreet than most other traditional braces and even most modern ones.
Six Month Smile braces also aim to straighten the teeth gently without the need for painful tightening appointments and large amounts of discomfort, which can be one of the main drawbacks of wearing braces. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they cost about half the price of other orthodontic treatment, which is obviously a huge advantage especially when you are not losing any effectiveness of treatment.
Patients need braces for many different alignment reasons. It could be due to overcrowding or even too much space between the teeth in the dental arc. There are also a number of bite issues that need to be corrected with straightening. The Six Month Smile braces work by attaching small and discreet brackets to the teeth and attaching these with a thin wire. This wire gradually moves the teeth into the desired, straighter position. Not all patients are suitable for Six Month Smile treatment, so make an appointment with a City of London dentist to see if you could benefit from these incredible new braces.