04 Jul

Fast Orthopaedic Adjustment with Inman Aligners from Your City of London Dentist

In just 9 weeks Inman Aligners are able to reposition your teeth into a perfect row of straight teeth. Using patented technology, Inman Aligners provide continuous and controlled pressure to your teeth. Inman Aligners are able to work for both teenagers and adults, your dentist will be able to adjust them to achieve the appropriate results. Best results will be achieved if they are used in your teenage years when your teeth are just finishing their development, but there are a huge number of happy adults whose teeth have been straightened and aligned with Inman Aligners.
Unlike traditional fixed braces Inman Aligners have springs on either side of the mouth that make sure there is always the correct level of pressure on your teeth. Previously you would have needed to book new regular appointments with your dentist just to have them make tiny adjustments to your brace, as the first self adjusting braces Inman Aligners eliminate this hassle. The springs are very small and made of nickel, they are completely safe and housed with a specially designed frame as not to cause you any discomfort. Since the braces are removable you are advised to remove the Inman Aligners whenever eating, to make sure no food gets stuck onto the braces. For the best results you should aim to wear the braces for at least 22 hours a day, removing them predominantly for eating or the occasional social event.
Most of the mechanism is housed on the inside of your teeth, making it mostly invisible when you smile. The outer frame that places pressure along the front is wire based with some clear plastic but is very discrete and unnoticeable. Your City of London dentist will be able to talk you through the easy process of having them installed. Taking considerably less time than traditional braces means you’ll see dramatic effects in just a few months.