18 Dec

Fear and Loathing in London with Oral Cancer

Life can be going along quite nicely inLondonand then you may start to find that you are suffering from a little discomfort in your mouth: maybe you have a repetitive ulcer or two, are suffering from a constant sore throat, maybe you have an aching jaw all the time and so on and so on. So you should go and get yourself checked out because these are just some of the symptoms that may indicate the onset of oral cancer (as with any problem, you should always get yourself seen to). You will have a serious of tests first to see if the disease is there. If the news comes back that you have, it will hit you like a bomb, but it is how you face up to what is ahead of you that can be the difference of coming through it or not. You need to curtail such things as smoking, drinking and improve your diet- the things that may have led you to this crossroads in your life. Prepare by getting a support system of friends and family on board and have professional care ready for when the treatment is finished. The treatment can be quite heavy; it may take the form of chemo, radio or physical surgery but either way, it will leave you shattered afterwards, which is where the support comes in. afterwards, you are going to have to throw away everything you did before and carve out a new regime in order you give yourself the biggest chance of coming through it and ensuring that the problem doesn’t come back. The light amongst the darkness of all this is that the statistical recovery rates from the disease is soaring.