28 Sep

Fending off Wisdom Teeth Pain in the City of London

It’s not the greatest moment of someone’s life when the wisdom teeth start to pop into the world, but for most people living in the city of London, it’s an inevitability that can’t be avoided. So when it does happen there is little you can do but to grin and bear it- of course, with a few aces up your sleeve as well to make the trip less painful! The problem with such an eruption is that the pain can spread into the head and ears so the first port of call is to the doctors or dentist to get prescribed with some pretty strong pain killers until the process has run its course. If it’s not too painful, chewing against the gum line can quicken up the process, but the pain doesn’t just stop when the gum breaks and so chewing with some herbal remedies such as cucumber, peppermint and a salt and garlic pack- clove oil is especially helpful during this difficult time, acting as a natural anesthetic and soother. Ice packs can help to reduce the incessant throbbing you may be experiencing. The list of options can go on and on, but if all else fails to at least dumb down the pain, there is no reason why you can’t throw all of the remedies at the problem at once as you won’t be putting your mouth and body at risk.