11 Feb

Fighting Abscess, Tooth Pain in London

Being struck down with a tooth abscess in London is no laughing matter, nor is it to be ignored either. When an abscess erupts in the mouth, immediate treatment should be sort; apart from the excruciating pain that it can cause, it can quickly infect the bloodstream with toxins and poisons and when this arises, the situation can become life threatening.
Sometimes, it is possible to counter the initial pain and swelling with an ice pack, coupled with over-the-counter painkillers and gargling with warm, salty water. But getting to a dentist for an emergency appointment should be your first priority so that you can get antibiotics- these will counter the swelling and limits the poisons getting into your bloodstream. The dentist will also drain the fluids from the abscess that reduces the level of infection around the tooth and offers relief from pain. However, getting an abscess is an indication that something is inherently wrong with the tooth overall and it’s likely the problem will flare-up again in the future. In this case, the only option available to you is to have the tooth removed altogether. This can only be done once the swelling and infection has been countered with antibiotics for few days- only then can the tooth be removed safely. An abscess should never be underestimated, and if a dentist is not available in such an emergency, then you should seek treatment at a hospital.