27 Jan

Fighting Dental Phobias in Central London

If you are suffering in central London from the hot sweats and start shaking from the sound of the word dentist, it’s reasonable to assume that you are suffering from dental phobia and it’s not a funny situation to be in either. This problem can cause all manner of traumas in the rest of your life too. If it’s stopping you going to the dentist for even a check-up, this can lead to complications not only in the mouth, but can affect your overall health- and it can affect you mentally. If your teeth start to suffer visually because of your phobia, you may find yourself backing out of conversations and hiding your teeth, making you more introverted. The reasons behind the phobia can be complex. Maybe it stems from childhood experiences (were you bullied- is that how you see a dentist?), what you think might happen at the dentist, a fear of needles, past traumatic dental experiences, or what you’ve seen happen to others. Point is, it needs to be addressed. Many dentists understand this problem so talking to your dentist can allow you to express your fears, so that they know the best way forward. It’s important that you take charge of any treatments too. Having knowledge of what the treatments involve, anaesthetics and sedation techniques can put you in the driving seat and also allow the dentist to administer treatment efficiently.