31 May

Fighting off Heart Disease through your teeth in the City of London

At any time the blood is poisoned, it is circulated straight away to the whole body by your heart. Death by serious poisoning is instantaneous because all of the organs are hit viciously at the same time and shut down through the trauma. However, a gentle, mild poisoning, builds up in the organs over time and when the body can take it no more, the organs start to fail. Dentists in the city of London have identified the risk to the heart and constant infections of the blood, by diseases that emanate from the mouth. Gum disease is the major criminal here. They will bang on and on about it, but they have a point- poor oral hygiene will get you in the end. If you’re lazy, miss appointments and fail to do the basic oral hygiene procedures, you are putting your life at risk, maybe not now, but further on down the line. Once plaque gets in, it collects around the teeth and attacks the enamel of the teeth; the bacteria that grows from this, then starts to poison the gums. In the ‘good old days’, the dentist would just pull your teeth and fit you with dentures- but that couldn’t reverse the fact your blood had already been damaged and your body infected. Come on people! How hard is it to visit your dentist regularly and to brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day? It’s your life and you choose the outcome.