04 Oct

Fighting the Horror of Bad Breath in Central London

Ever walked into a bar in central London, feeling the finest, yet end up sleeping alone at nights? Yes you are good looking, but you could be suffering from a touch of bad breath, which can mean the difference between having a cuddle with someone, or just hugging your pillow at midnight- alone. Now, one thing you have to bear in mind is that if you’re willing to put the work in and fight bad breath, you’ll always have someone to hug until the morning. The reasons that cause bad breath can be a tad complicated but the benefits of eradicating the problem can only be beneficial in both your social life and in your working life. Normally, the reasons behind bad breath come from the fact that the body is breaking down and not delivering the nutrients to keep your saliva levels up to protect your teeth from bacteria and this can come from the way you play your life and how you diet in general. But by having a regular liaise with your dentist, you can solve the problem of bad breath with a program of intense oral hygiene coupled with a change of lifestyle as well. Cleaning your teeth properly and putting back the health into your teeth and gums will not only restore the state of your teeth, gums and bad breath, but also stop you’re body becoming ill as well.