27 Nov

Filling your Teeth ‘naturally’ in the City of London

If you live in a demanding and fashionable place like the city of London, then good luck, because the place demands the best out of you at all times, and cobbled into this equation is the fact that you have to project your best side at every given moment in order to get on. Somewhere in all of this is how you smile and talk to people, and if your teeth aren’t as priceless as the outfit you are wearing, then you may be wasting your time trying. One of the more modern elements in this look of yours may be down to the type of fillings that you have: grey amalgam fillings are strong but they don’t cut the mustard in today’s fashion stakes because people are now opting for white resin/ceramic based fillings. White fillings are still finding their feet because as good as they look, they tend to be weak, fragile and their longevity is nothing like amalgam. However, they complete the mouth naturally and as the years pass, they are getting better and stronger as technology catches up with the demands of what people want. A pure white smile can be the difference between getting the job you want, the partner you want and giving the best possible projection throughout your life. If you have any questions on this subject, you should link up with your dentist and ask about the choices you have with your fillings.