21 Jul

Find out about Root Canal Treatment from Central London Dentist Before it’s too Late.

Root canal treatment is also referred to as endodontic retreatment. Root canal treatment is a beneficial dental procedure performed by your dentist in Central London that is used for the treatment of infection caused by bacteria in the root canal system of your tooth.
Root canal treatment is a common solution to tooth abscess and is usually performed under sedation. The pulp chamber of the tooth is drilled for the safe removal of infection. Nerves are also removed from the root canal of the tooth and then the root canal along with the pulp chamber are patched with a filling. The benefit of root canal treatment is that it still preserves the original tooth after a tooth abscess with a crown placement.
There is some stigma against root canal treatment as many people fear the amount of pain involved in the procedure. However, most patients who have had root canal treatment will tell you that the surgery caused only minimal discomfort. The discomfort of the root canal treatment is inconsequential to the suffering caused by untreated infection in a tooth.
Modern anaesthetics allow a quick and painless surgery; you will be left with only numbness. If you would like to know more about root canal treatment, take courage and have a chat with your dentist. They will be able to talk through in detail the process and necessity of having your root canal treatment.