02 Sep

Find out about the advantages of porcelain veneers from dentists in the City of London

Cracked, chipped, stained or even slightly crooked teeth can be sorted out by porcelain veneers which make teeth look far better. They can be fitted quickly and easily so that unsightly teeth are covered up by a thin strip of porcelain. Patients find that they are able to carry themselves in a far more confident and self assured fashion if they do not have an unsightly tooth constantly on the back of their mind.
After a consultation and examination from your City of London dentist, they can begin the process of fitting the veneer. They will need to clear the area of any debris and then determine whether any of the existing tooth will have to be removed. As technology has improved and veneers have got thinner, this is likely to be necessary in most cases. Then the veneer will be attached using strong dental bonding.
This will create the look of a natural tooth that is free from the unsightly problem that brought the patient in to the surgery in the first place. Different veneers last for different amounts of time but many of the modern varieties can expect to have a life span of about a decade or so before they need replacing.
Many patients, particularly those who have used veneers to cover up a stained tooth, worry that their veneer will just end up getting stained like their tooth (especially if they are smokers or drink a lot of red wine, coffee or tea). This is not something that one needs to be concerned about because porcelain doesn’t stain. Like glass, colours tend to run off the surface of veneers.