24 Mar

Find out how using some oral products can make bad breath worse: get the advice from London dentists

There’s nothing worse than bad breath for making you feel uncomfortable in social situations. The feeling that unpleasant smells might be coming from your mouth every time you breathe, talk and smile can seriously inhibit your ability to relax when around other people. It’s no wonder then that sufferers will do anything they can to stop bad breath.
Bad breath is known as halitosis scientifically and it is usually caused by debris left in the mouth. The best way to combat this is to ensure that this debris is adequately removed by brushing and flossing as directed by your dentist, twice a day and after meals if necessary. You should be sure to brush your entire mouth and floss between the teeth to remove any debris that threatens to build up there.
Often people will use mouthwash to help cure their bad breath but this is a slightly ambiguous solution to the problem. Mouth washes, especially those containing alcohol make the mouth extremely dry and this is the ideal situation for bacteria to stick to teeth and release their smells. The mouth wash might remove the debris in the first place that is causing the bad breath but it can also leave the mouth open for more bacteria to hang around in the mouth and lead to further bad breath.
Being trained a trained professional, your London dentist is ideally placed to advise you on all matters pertaining to your mouth. If you are experiencing bad breath then you ought to make an appointment to see your dentist so that you can discuss the options about how best to treat it.