22 Jan

Find out more about dental friendly food at City of London dentist

Foods that are healthy and good for your teeth are not surprisingly the foods that are healthy and good for the whole body. It is a similar story for foods that have a bad effect on your dental health, as they tend to be bad for your whole body also.
Obviously foods that are high in sugar are very bad for your teeth as they encourage the production of plaque acid in the mouth that causes cavities. Eating foods with a high sugar content, or even chewing sugar-rich gum can be very bad for the teeth. Although it must be said that brushing or rinsing your mouth with water immediately after eating sugary foods does limit the effect of the sugar. Parents who are concerned about their children’s teeth could encourage their children to eat sweets immediately after dinner and then to brush their teeth to limit the impact. After all, we all know how hard it can be to stop kids eating sugary food altogether.
Foods that are good for the teeth unsurprisingly include dairy food such as milk and cheese. Dairy products have a low pH and have the effect of neutralising acids that cause damage to teeth. Dairy products are also calcium rich which helps to make teeth stronger. For people who have a sweet tooth, fruit is an excellent way of getting your sugar hit and still getting a lot of beneficial vitamins and anti-oxidants. The same is true of vegetables during the main course as they are full of vitamin A, which is essential for the formation of enamel. City of London dentists can give you more information about what foods are good and bad for your teeth and can help you to draw up a tooth-friendly eating plan.