22 Mar

Find Out What Dental Procedures Are On Offer in London

Visiting the dentist regularly is essential for good oral health, everybody knows this. Each one of us has been attending regular dental check-ups since childhood. But do any of us really know what treatment and cosmetic procedures are available to us at our local London dentist?
There are, in fact,  many treatments that can offer benefits to patients of all ages. From cosmetic procedures, to securing false teeth, your dentist has treatments and equipment at their disposal that can lead to a great improvement in your oral health.
Teeth whitening treatment is one such procedure provided by your dentist. Although this is more of a cosmetic issue than one of oral health, it is still hugely popular in the UK today. Whitening involves the bleaching of teeth by exposing the tooth enamel to oxygen via equipment that  contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The results of tooth whitening are a lightening of up to 10 shades, fewer stains and fewer dark tarnishing.
Additionally, if you suffer from periodontal disease, you can now obtain medical care at your regular dental practice. The procedure involves removing the infectious bacteria that causes gum diseases and scraping away the damaged tissue of the gums. Although it is usually relatively painless, it can be performed under local anaesthetic to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.
Finally, dental implants are an important feature of dental procedures and can treat or replace lost, chipped or diseased teeth. A titanium rod, fitted into the jawbone, upon which a false tooth can be secured is the staple feature of implants. Implantation results in secure teeth that have little or no movement in the mouth, look natural and can be used for tearing and chewing without worry.