16 Jul

Find the key to long lasting oral hygiene with help from expert dentists in Central London

Having health teeth can easily be taken for granted. Such a situation allows us to eat, drink and talk with the minimum of effort and fuss. Thankfully it needn’t be something that takes a huge amount of effort either; just a few minutes each day and making the right decisions when it comes to lifestyle. If you are worried about your oral hygiene, read on for some tips that come straight from the experts.
The main aspect of maintaining optimum levels of oral hygiene is the care you take of your teeth at home. This ought to comprise a rigorous routine of brushing and flossing at least twice a day. By doing so you are removing the plaque which is the enemy of good oral hygiene in all of our mouths. It is plaque that causes teeth to decay by eroding enamel and it is plaque that causes gums to become diseased too.
Think about your lifestyle choices too. Smoking is not good for most parts of your body and your mouth is no exception. It has links with oral cancer and inhibits saliva production which constitutes an important natural defence against plaque. The same can be said of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol too.
Make sure you go and see your Central London dentist too. No matter how well you take care of your teeth at home, accidents can happen or ailments might develop that you simply have not noticed. Dentists are trained to spot the incipient signs of dental hygiene concerns so that they can be rectified before they become a major issue. A check up every six months ought to be sufficient.