15 Sep

Flexible Inman aligners from Central London dentist

Have you ever wanted to put the finishing touches to your smile by straightening any slightly uneven or crooked teeth. Even a slight misalignment can really affect the appearance of a smile but now straightening any defects is easier than ever using the latest in orthodontic straightening devices from the US, the Inman aligner.
The Inman aligner does not work in the same way as conventional braces and a s such takes only a fraction of the time to work. It is designed to correct the more minor misalignments but is still able to achieve results in a s little as six to ten weeks, although the average length of treatment is about six months.
The Inman aligner from a Central London dentist is able to achieve these stunning results because it focuses on the teeth that show when you smile. This more concentrated approach means that results show faster but how exactly does the Inman work? It utilises the power of a coiled spring hidden on the tongue side of the teeth. These creates a small pressure which pushes out the lateral teeth to make room for the front teeth to move into. These are the straightened along a small, discreet metal bar. This is the only part of the brace that is noticeable when it is in the mouth so it is far less obvious than traditional braces.
The other major benefit of the Inman aligner is that it is completely removable. This means it can be taken out whenever the patient wants. In fact, as long as it is in for at least twenty hours a day it will still be effective. Although the more you wear it the faster treatment will be. However, being removable gives the Inman aligner a flexibility missing from some other braces.