05 Jan

Flossing essential according to London dentists

Second only to brushing, flossing is the most important way of keeping your teeth looking and feeling clean and healthy. Brushing alone is unable to remove all the bacteria that builds up in the smallest gaps and spaces in the teeth, so flossing is crucial to thorough dental care.
Flossing involves using a special thin dental wire to remove particles of food, bacteria and plaque form between teeth and below the gum line. Conventional toothbrushes can not fit in the gaps between teeth where food gets lodged, and it also cannot clean teeth below the gum line. It is these hidden areas where decay can really take hold so it is important to keep them clean.
It is also important to remove food particles trapped between teeth as they are responsible for 95 per cent of cases of bad breath. Rotting food particles release foul smelling sulphurous compounds which cause bad breath and lead to tooth decay. A London dentist can demonstrate the most effective ways to floss teeth removing as much bacteria as possible.
If bacteria and plaque does build up in hard to reach areas it can cause cavities and decay that is very hard to treat. By taking the extra couple of minutes each day to floss thoroughly you could save yourself hours of uncomfortable dental treatment and anxiety in the future. It is estimated that teeth cleaning without flossing is like only washing two thirds of your body, which still leaves plenty of room for bacteria to grow. So floss once a day for a complete clean.