12 Jul

Flossing with dentists in Central London: how it can save you from tooth loss

It probably adds only a minute onto your dental hygiene routine at home yet too many people neglect to floss in between their teeth. The evidence for this widespread omission lies in the high rates of gum disease in adults in the United Kingdom. Nobody wants to have to deal with health issues concerning their mouth yet if you don’t floss you could be leaving yourself open to things going wrong.
Dental floss can be bought from super markets, pharmacies and your dental surgery and comprises a roll of thin tape in a small, handy box. It is very cheap and can conveniently be packed into a small space so that you can take it with you on holiday or on a business trip.
It is used by pulling a length of it from the small box and tearing it off, using a serrated edge that lies next to the hole. You should then manoeuvre the floss in between two of your teeth and pull it back and forth.
The purpose of this is to remove plaque and food debris from the slim gap between your teeth. Brushes are simply unable to reach these parts of the mouth and if you leave plaque in these places then you are leaving yourself open to tooth decay and gum disease.
If you have not flossed before then you might want to ask your Central London dentist to tell you the best techniques that you can use. Many people get put off from flossing because the first few times can yield a little blood as the floss cuts the gum. But you should carry on with it so that you don’t have to deal with the pain and indignity of suffering from gum disease.