17 Sep

Fluoride…good or bad in Central London?

There have always been issues about fluoride in central London- is it good or bad for you? The thing is that there has been a lot of research over the past 30 years or so that suggest that this isn’t the product that is always been cracked up to be. Too much fluoride can cause problems in the teeth and cause fluorosis of the brain: in very young kids, it can kill them if they overdose on too much toothpaste. But for all the talk about the negatives about fluoride of late, don’t also go dismissing it out of hand just because some scientist somewhere has come up with a few facts and figures. This has been used in dental care for donkey’s years in dentistry and for good reason- it works. It helps to strengthen the enamel in the teeth and helps in the fight against tooth decay. It’s a tough call this one but you should do your own research and sit down with your dentist and talk it through. In the end, only you can make your mind up about this.