24 Jan

For better life everybody should fight against dental phobia

In Greek phobia mean simply fear. Actually dental phobia doesn’t mean the fear of teeth but it means fear of dental treatment. All around the world nature of mankind is same and their response about dental treatment is same also. Experienced people are guessed that nearly 75% US adult’s experiences mild or severe dental fear. Nearly 10% US adults are fearful about dental treatment and due to this they are avoided dental care in all cost. In London the picture is nearly same.
Question is weather dental phobia is good for health? Everybody knows the answer is big no. In spite of that some people are not going to the doctor for taking a proper treatment due to excessive and unreasonable fear about dentist and dental treatment. But it may cause serious problem to him or her. Some disease like tooth decay and gum disease never get better without treatment. Without consulting with a dentist it’s hard to know about this type of dental disease until it’s too late and this could be result up to teeth taken out. So, dental phobia can be the cause of anyone’s serious damage.
Generally it’s believed that the sound of dentist drill makes everyone cringe and needles make sacred and nervous mostly all. But through investigation it has been known that bad experiences, a history of sexual abused in childhood, uncaring dentist, humiliation, vicarious learning, preparedness and post-traumatic stress is also reasons of dental phobia.
The impact of dental phobia in a person’s life is maybe enormous. Dental problem can be very painful and someone can mistake by taking lots of painkillers rather than going to the dentist. Excessive painkillers may cause a fatal side-effect anytime. Not only this, dental phobia may lead to anxiety and depression which damage an individuals working and personal life.
So its better that everybody should fight against dental phobia for better life. Not only the people of London but people of everywhere should overcome the fear of dentist and dental treatment by gathering accurate information and knowledge. TV and Newspaper can play an enormous role in this fight to win against dental phobia.