21 Sep

Forget gum disease treatments, remember to see a London dentist

Preventing and treating gum disease is increasingly important. Effective treatment of gum disease can help protect you against tissue damage, tooth decay and even tooth loss.
The first line of defence in the treatment of gum disease is prevention. Brushing you teeth in the correct way twice a day and flossing at least once a day can significantly help reduce the chance of gum disease. A regular check up with a London dentist at least once every six months is also a necessary requirement. Even if a trip to the dentist might be bottom of your list of priorities, it really will save you further treatments down the line. Avoiding using any kind of tobacco products is also key to maintaining healthy gums as tobacco can prevent the gum’s natural ability to heal itself.
All of these preventive measures will help fight plaque, the filmy layer of bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. But there may be occasions when the gum disease is to far advanced to be combated by brushing and flossing alone. Gingivitis, the medical name for mild gum disease can easily become periodontitis if not treated in time and correctly.
In these instances it will often be necessary for a dental hygienist to physically remove plaque and tartar using a process called scaling. Your dentist may even prescribe anti-biotics to help fight the infection, and in extreme circumstances it may be necessary to perform a gingivectomy (removal of gum tissue) or even an extraction.
Gum disease can be a serious problem that can cause months’ and even years’ of painful and aggravating procedures, not to mention stress. While treatment always exists for serious cases, how much easier is to remember these three easy steps to avoid it all together: Brush, floss and see a dentist regularly. A London dentist will be happy to remind you.