22 Jun

Friends keeping their distance Simple London remedies for bad breath

What do you think about bad breath? It’s a sensitive topic and many people are hurt if you point out that they have bad breath. So what can you do to treat your bad breath easily?Don’t wait for some one to point out your bad breath. All you have to do is a simple five minute test and you can detect it yourself. Trust your own nose. Just hold your palms together to cover your mouth and nose and exhale air into your palm; you will get the odor of your mouth. Please do this test, especially if your friends are turning their face or keeping a distance from you while talking.
Find out the underlying reasons for your bad breath and that’s the only way you can treat it. There are many factors including medical problems which can cause bad breath. One of the main reasons is lack of proper oral hygiene. Bacteria react with food particles in the plaque, resulting in bad breath. Some medical problems such as sinus conditions and diabetes can cause bad breath. Tonsillolith, cavities, gum problems, dirty dentures, dry mouth, and stinky food also cause bad breath. You can find many products to control bad breath but it’s a good idea to get yourself checked by your London dentist to root out the main cause of bad breath.