01 Aug

Ganging up on Gum Disease in London

Gum disease at some point and in some form, will affect over 70% of people in living in London and once you get it, it’s difficult to get rid of as it is so persistent. In its infancy you probably wouldn’t see the early signs of it. It begins when plaque is allowed to build up around the base of the teeth and this will then start to infect the gums. From this point, it will cause the gums to bleed after brushing and that’s when you know you have a problem; your gums will also ‘weep’ and start to recede. If this is allowed to progress further your teeth will decay and you will develop periodontal disease that will eat away at your jawbone and your teeth will start to disappear. Even more sinister, while all this destruction to your mouth is going on, the toxins from the gum disease will leak into your bloodstream and there have been links between the disease and organ failure in the body, especially the heart. Solving it means immediate action; the dentist is your first call in order to evaluate how bad the problem is and your teeth and gums will be deep cleaned. The next stage is down to you- the way you care for your mouth, and body too, in the home must change. Throw every product you can at the problem and ‘up’ the way clean your teeth and gums- then change your lifestyle. Smoking is a real killer for diseased gums and can hinder and treatments. Your diet must also improve to build up your immune system.