04 Feb

Get Amalgam Fillings at London Dental Clinic

Your London dentist is very well trained in the placement of amalgam fillings. They have been used for over 150 years in dentistry. Although their compositions and formulations have changes over the years, their design and placement remained constant. Dental amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury in combinations with various metal powders or shavings. These metals are usually combinations of silver, zinc, copper and/or tin. There are still many advantages of amalgam fillings over white composite fillings. These include their cost, durability, strength, easy application, and bacteriostatic properties. Due to the recent concerns about mercury safety, the level of mercury in amalgam fillings has been reduced in recent years. Your London dentist will use these amalgam fillings in your back teeth, so that they are not visible when you smile. Amalgam fillings are very adaptable, long lasting, strong, and take less times to place than composite fillings. Also, amalgam filling placement is not as technique sensitive as composite fillings.