22 Dec

Get effective protection for your teeth with mouth guards from Central London dentists

Your teeth can be put at risk by a number of activities which you might do regularly. During physical sports such as rugby, boxing, lacrosse and American football, your teeth can be exposed to damage and with the possibility of suffering from a nasty fall in cycling and gymnastics, you ought to protect your teeth when indulging in those activities too. Some people grind their teeth during sleep, which can be very damaging.
The simplest way to guard against chipping, cracking or even losing a tooth is to wear a mouth guard. The stock protectors that are sold in sports shops offer basic protection and are cheap and ready to wear but your mouth is still exposed to risks and dentists recommend greater safeguards. Better than stock, ready to wear guards are ‘boil and bite’ products which are made of malleable materials which are shaped once the product is plunged into boiling water and then bitten to fit your mouth.
More effective still are the guards that your dentist can construct for you. As an added bonus they are more comfortable too. Fitting your mouth snuggly, they offer the maximum protection offered by mouth guards. In order to fabricate one of these, your dentist will need to take moulds and then impressions of your teeth so that a technician can build a guard that is ideally suited to the unique shape of your mouth and teeth. Because of the specialist work involved they are the most expensive option but offer the greatest protection available in the form of a mouth guard.
If your teeth are exposed to danger through one of your hobbies or even your vocation, speak to your Central London dentist about the options available for mouth guards and avoid the need to invasive procedures in the event of sustaining damage to your mouth.