13 Apr

Get Fluorosis Treatment and Advice from Your Central London Dentist

Dental fluorosis is the result of a high consumption of fluorides during tooth development. This occurs in some areas of the world where the fluoride levels in the soil and drinking water are very high. The result is teeth that are hypomineralized, porous, brittle, and hypocalcified. In some cases, these teeth are very unaesthetic. Your Central London dentist can provide help for your dental fluorosis. Bleaching the teeth hasn’t been very successful, so your dentist may opt to apply dental bondings are porcelain veneers. Your Central London dentist will clean your teeth with pumice, etch your teeth, apply an unfilled resin, and then bond your teeth. Depending on the region of the world and the amount of fluoride exposure, your teeth can have a very abnormal surface and vary in colour from yellow to grey. Some patients may only want to try bleaching to remove the discolouration. If the tooth surface is pitted or uneven, it is best to try to smooth the surfaces of the teeth affected so that they won’t pick up extra dental plaque and result in dental caries. There are varying levels of fluorosis, and you should visit your Central London dentist to determine the level of treatment you will require for your desired results. Also, smoking, drinking coffee and tea, and eating dark coloured foods will stain these teeth.