06 Jul

Get in line for free dental products in London

It’s been a longtime since I’ve done a few of these and I decided to get you an update of the latest free offers available for London dental patients. Just click on the links for more information on the dental offers.

  • Pearl Drops you’ll get the branded teeth whitening samples from the site
  • Oral Medic is offering one of its free Ulcer treatment samples for people who write in.
  • Aloclair, this ones really good for oral ulcer pain relief and you have to write in to get it for free
  • Alura White is offering a sample of its White teeth whitening sample
  • Tooth Wipes has a great pack of the dental  tooth wipes
  • Colgate is always chock-a-block with free offers and it s good idea to be a member of this site as you get updated regularly with discounts and free offers;  the latest being a free Colgate Oxygen toothpaste money off coupon.
  • Fixodent is really great for denture care and as a denture adhesive log on here for great denture care samples
  • Clinomyn is offering a 20ml pack of the Clinomyn Clean and Polish toothpaste
  • HT Clean has a offer going on its Handy Tooth Clean site.
  • Preventech Next Prophy Paste offers a tooth polishing paste which contains a large amount of fluoride toothpaste in the sample
  • Flix Dental Floss Stick Sample   log on to the site for a really great dental floss sample for personal use.

That’s all for today folks but do keep in touch for more.