24 May

Get Oral Cancer Testing at Your London Dentist

There is no question that being diagnosed with cancer can be a frightening experience. Nevertheless, the longer you wait to find out about a tumor, the less chance you have of making a full recovery. Unfortunately, ignoring cancer or refusing to go for screening won’t make the disease go away. Today, you can have oral cancer screening during routine exams to your London dentist.
Each year, hundreds of thousand of lives could be saved if people went for a handful of cancer screening exams. Without a question, if you wouldn’t put off pap exams or PSA screening, there is no need to put off having an oral cancer exam. Typically, your dentist should be able to detect signs of malignancy in gum tissue, as well as in other soft tissue of the mouth. If X-rays are performed, your dentist may also be able to pick up tumours in the jaw.
As you may be aware, many people are afraid to find out about cancer because of the kinds of treatments that are used. That said, most people don’t realize that chemotherapy and radiation are must be used when a malignant tumour shows signs of spreading. On the other hand, if a tumour is caught before it shows certain signs, surgical removal may be enough.
If chemotherapy or radiation is needed in these situations, the doses and number of treatments are so limited that you may not have one single side effect from them. Therefore, if you are afraid of a cancer diagnosis because of the treatment options, you will find that many things have changed over the years. Unfortunately, the dangers associated with untreated malignant cells has not changed. As a result, finding out about oral cancer early on may just save your life.