09 Aug

Get Rid of Dental Carries with the Help of Your London Dentist

At times regular brushing is not enough to ensure that your teeth are problem free. There have been several cases among London dentists wherein their patients claim to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis but still are afflicted with dental problems. Dental carries are one among the most common problems that are seen among individuals.
Dental carries refer to cavities in the teeth that are generally considered the work of bacteria. All it needs is a weak spot in the enamel and the bacterium enters through it and attacks that dentin and cementum. Previously, cavity examinations would put the patient in an uncomfortable position and most would refrain from going from one unless the pain was excruciating. But the mindset is changing owing to the latest laser cavity detection technique that is employed widely to determine the presence of cavities.
Cavities if left unattended can damage the teeth and your dentist will have no other option apart from extracting it, which happens to be painful when compared with normal cavity examination. So most dentists suggest that you come for periodic dental carries checkup so that if detected in the rudimentary stages not much treatment is required. There have been cases where the cavity treatment was done by air abrasion.
Periodic checkups and timely detection will help you avoid aggravating the cavity problem. Early detection of the problem gives you the advantage over the problem and it is only in serious cases that you are asked to go for filling or tooth extraction. Visit your dentist to get tips on the prevention of dental carries as prevention is always better than cure.