15 Apr

Get rid of plaque to put a stop to periodontal disease, say City of London dentists

When most people think about plaque they conceive of it as a threat to their teeth. This is of course true, plaque breaks down the enamel which the usually robust layer of protection on your teeth. Painful cavities can then ensue which need to be filled by a dentist. But plaque does not only threaten your teeth, it can cause your gums to become diseased too. This is a threat that is worth taking seriously because gum disease – known medically as periodontal disease – is actually a bigger cause of tooth loss than cavities themselves.
This is why it is so important to brush your teeth properly, including along the gum line, and also floss as well. If plaque builds up on your teeth next to your gums then in can inflame them. This will be rather painful and you might notice that eating cold foods like ice cream or drinking hot tea will give you feelings of sensitivity that you are not accustomed to. This most basic form of gum disease is called gingivitis and it can usually be rectified by making sure that you are taking care of your teeth properly.
But if it is not sorted out then the consequences for your mouth are dire. The inflammation can easily spread so that it affects the bones which securely hold your teeth in place. This is not edifying prospect as your gums will become red, swollen and begin to recede away from your teeth. Extreme pain will follow and, ultimately, tooth loss if the problem is not dealt with.
Don’t put your gums at risk of disease that can threaten tooth loss. At your next six months check up, ask your City of London dentist what the best ways are to avoid periodontal disease by combatting plaque.