02 May

Get rid of yellow teeth with teeth whitening from Central London dentist

Having yellow or badly discoloured teeth can be very embarrassing. It can also go a long way to having a negative impact on your appearance. Teeth tend to lose their natural colour as part of the aging process, so yellow teeth will make you look older than you actually are. But fortunately, there is an easy way to treat yellow teeth.
Teeth whitening is a straightforward and very effective way of improving the appearance of your smile. By placing a whitening gel, containing the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, in contact with the tooth enamel in specially made trays, it is possible to restore the teeth’s natural colour without the need for costly porcelain veneers.
Teeth whitening can restore the colour of teeth by making them up to ten shades whiter. This can have a very dramatic effect and will help to restore your confidence by making you less self-conscious about your teeth.
It is important, however, that you have teeth whitening treatments carried out by a dentist. Hydrogen peroxide in stronger concentration is capable of damaging the soft tissue. This can be painful and can cause long-term damage. Although it is possible to buy home whitening kits, Central London dentists recommend strongly that you have treatments carried out in surgery. They will then be able to use all the necessary safety equipment to ensure a successful whitening procedure. It also means that the results are likely to be more noticeable. Teeth whitening treatments are affordable with some starting from as little as £60.