21 Jun

Get Special Mouth washes From Your London Dentist

Even though you may feel reasonably comfortable with over the counter mouth washes, your London dentist may have some formulas that will work better for your unique oral condition. For example, if you are struggling to combat halitosis or gingivitis, you may need a mouth wash that has antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, if you make use of mouth washes with alcohol in them, they will kill off the good germs, and leave room for bad ones to proliferate even faster. While these mouth washes are fairly popular, they may do more harm than good under certain conditions.
If you are having problems with cavities, you may also be interested in mouth washes that contain a higher percentage of fluoride. Depending on your situation, your dentist may also be able to give you some gels, as well as other therapies that will help reduce your current rate of tooth decay. While fluoride mouth washes tend to work best, your dentist may also have some other rinses that will be of use to you.
Without a question, if you just had your teeth cleaned, or some other type of oral procedure, you may need to use a rinse known as Chlorhexedane. This rinse will kill germs, as well as help reduce the risk of infections. Even though it will not destroy plaque, your dentist may feel that it will work better while your gums and other mouth tissues are recovering.
When regular mouth washes do not meet specific needs, you can ask your dentist about other options. Regardless of whether you are concerned about abscesses, tooth decay, or other issues, there are prescription based mouth rinses that can be of use to you. As may be expected, your dentist will advise you on how to use these washes properly, as well as let you know how long you will be able to use them.