21 Mar

Get the best advice about oral hygiene from London dentists

Having a set of healthy teeth and gums is something that one can easily take for granted and many people don’t consider how much such a situation helps with being able to eat, drink and even talk in comfort. What can threaten the health of your mouth is bad oral hygiene and it is to be avoided at all cost. Thankfully, it is not a particularly complicated matter and you can guarantee good oral hygiene by taking a few simple steps.
The most important thing to remember is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss too. This is done to remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a substance which is formed every time you eat and drink but there will be more of it after you have consumed food or drink which contains a lot of sugar and or starch. If plaque builds up then it can attack the protective enamel surface of your teeth and lead to tooth decay.
Plaque can be a problem for your gums too and lead to gingivitis. This evidences itself with reddening of gums which ought to be a healthy pink and feelings of sensitivity. Gum disease is actually a greater cause of tooth loss than tooth decay itself, especially if it progresses into periodontitis, an inflammation of the bones which hold teeth in place.
Your London dentist can help with your oral hygiene by offering you advice and guidance on these matters. You should get into the habit of having a check up every six months with your dentist so that your mouth can be examined by a trained expert and your oral hygiene monitored. Book an appointment today and reap the benefits of good oral hygiene.