16 Jul

Get the Best Protection for Your Teeth with Dental Crowns from Local London Dentist

When cavities have damaged your teeth your dentist has several methods of treatment. One of the most frequently used methods is installing a dental crown on the tooth. Crowns have a number of different functions and are also used when a tooth has suffered a physical impact and broken (such as from boxing or playing rugby). A dental crown will give you back for full functionality of your teeth.
Traditionally crowns have been metal, often gold because of its relative softness. While these are still commonly used, and effective at treating a serious cavity or broken tooth, they are very obvious to other people when you talk or laugh. New resin based crowns are being developed that can be made to match the natural colour of your teeth, creating a seamless row of teeth. At this time though these do not have the same durability and strength as gold versions and therefore will likely not last quite as long. It is a personal choice of which ever you prefer, visit your local London dentist to find out which would suit your needs more. Even if you want resin crowns if it is for a high impact tooth, your dentist may recommend a gold crown for the increased life span.
Placing a crown is very easy and can be done at your local dental practice. Having taken an x-ray or digital scan of your teeth your dentist can have a custom crown made, which can easily be fitted when it is available. Temporary crowns are possible for any intermediary time. The crown should last for up to 15 years and will protect your teeth from further degradation and damage.