24 Jun

Get the perfect smile with veneers from London dentist

Being happy and comfortable with your smile can do wonders for your self-confidence but of course the reverse is also true. Having teeth that are crooked, uneven or badly discoloured can be the cause of a number of self-esteem and confidence issues that can have a wider reaching effect on your emotional health.
Luckily, over the last twenty years a number of pioneering dental techniques have developed ways of cosmetically enhancing the appearance of even the most unattractive teeth. One of the most dramatic procedures available is the porcelain veneer.
Veneers are ceramic caps that are placed over the top of the existing enamel to restore the appearance of the teeth. Because the veneers can be designed and manufactured to exact specifications, they are capable of completely transforming the teeth. Creating the appearance of evenly sized, white and healthy teeth. And the best news is, this can all be achieved in just one afternoon. Once the teeth have been measured, either with a dental mould or in more recent times with a digital x-ray, the dentist can then begin to manufacture the veneers to fit your teeth exactly. Modern technology has vastly improved the manufacturing process, significantly reducing the time it takes to manufacture the veneers.
The veneers are then cemented into place over the top of the teeth using dental bonding. This is set hard by the London dentist using a dental laser so and you are then free to use your new teeth. Modern veneers are also incredibly thin and have the same translucent quality of tooth enamel. This means they are even more realistic than they have ever been before. Although expensive, veneers can last upwards of twenty years and is it really possible to put a price on your perfect smile.