14 Jul

Get the Smile You Want with Gum Contouring from Your Central London Dentist.

While gummy smiles have no negative dental effects many people are now opt to have them altered for cosmetic purposes. A perfect smile normally shows just a small line of gum above the teeth. If a large amount of your gums appear when you smile it is now possible with new dental procedures to have the gum removed or repositioned. Gum contouring is the process of altering your gum line to allow a great smile.
The procedure is possible with only a local anaesthetic and will not take long. An advantage of the procedure is that no artificial components are added to your teeth, gums or mouth. Instead your dentist is able to reconstruct your gum using your own soft tissue. Before the procedure your dentist will do an inspection to see whether gum contouring can work for you. If they think it can make a difference they will start to prepare your mouth by doing a thorough clean to reduce any possibility of infection.
Your dentist will then make a small incision above the gum line and shift the gum up or down, depending on the desired look. If necessary the dentist can use soft tissue from the roof of your mouth to cover over any newly exposed tooth roots. The tissue will reconnect in its new placement and will eventually become indistinguishable from the rest of your gums. During recovery you may have to eat soft foods for a short while and are strongly encouraged not to smoke until all the tissue is fully healed, or risk serious infections.