20 Jun

Get Your Dental Implants in London

If you had a single tooth extracted, or it was knocked out, you may need to have dental implants. Aside from being more appealing than a gaping hole, dental implants serve a number of important purposes. Today, a London dentist can install implants, as well as provide you with some advice on the best materials for your situation.
Even though you may not realize it, each tooth in your mouth shares the burden associated with chewing. For example, your front teeth are specifically designed to bite food from larger units, while the molars are designed to those pieces down. When you are missing one or more teeth, the remaining ones have to do twice as much work. This, in turn, will cause them to wear down much faster than normal.
While many people need dental implants for their front teeth, you may also need them for molars and premolars. As may be expected, it is very important to have these missing teeth replaced as quickly as possible. Typically, your dentist may recommend a metal crown with a porcelain cover for this area. Aside from providing you with a durable chewing surface, this type of dental implant will also give you an opportunity to match the colouring of your other teeth.
When you have to have dental implants for the front of your mouth, you may want to ask about having a smile makeover. Among other things, this may be an ideal time to have teeth whitened, or even have veneers installed. Even though dental implants will improve your smile, you might as well also have your other teeth fixed during the same time period. At the very least, this will save you some time later on. You may also find that getting this work done as soon as possible will provide you with some extra incentive to stop smoking, or change other lifestyle habits that have a negative impact on the health and appearance of your teeth.