05 Jul

Get your smile back with dental bridge from London dentist

If you are suffering from a missing tooth that is spoiling the appearance of your smile, you may want to consider a dental bridge to restore the appearance of your smile. Dental bridges are one of the most common ways of restoring missing teeth and giving you back a healthy and happy smile.
A dental bridge is made by using dental crowns attached to the adjacent teeth and an artificial tooth attached to the crowns to literally bridge the gap. The crowns are fixed to the teeth on either side and left to set for a few weeks. When this has happened the dentist will then attach the bridging tooth, also known as the pontic, using resin bonding and small strips of metal. In some cases, if the teeth are in very good condition, the dentist may simply attach the pontic using resin bonded strips to save removing healthy enamel in order to fix the crowns. In cases where there are only teeth on one side, it is possible to manufacture a cantilevered bridge.
Dental bridges can last up to twenty years if they are properly maintained but in most cases last between ten and fifteen. They are a valuable way of creating the appearance of a full set of healthy teeth and also serve a useful physiological purpose, acting as a rigid structure for the facial tissue. They also have fairly obvious aesthetic purposes.
There are other ways to replace missing teeth available from London dentists that include dental implants and partial dentures but a dental bridge is very often the most affordable option. Discuss with your dentist your options to replace your missing tooth and to find out more about dental bridges and their potential benefits for your smile.