18 Jul

Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed from a London Dentist

Wisdom tooth is a very well known phenomenon. It is quite often that you will hear about someone complaining about their wisdom tooth giving them a hard time. Wisdom tooth are located in the molar region and are placed right at the end of the whole set of teeth. All through our lives wisdom teeth play a lesser role and it is only when the pain comes that you realize their existence.
Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in the mouth and are technically known as 2nd molars. There are four wisdom teeth, two in the upper and two in the lower jaw. There are chances that the molars do not emerge until your late teens which may be owing to the lack of room for the teeth to emerge and develop. There are certain ways in which wisdom teeth may cause you problems namely,
• Gum disease: The gum disease mainly arises from the accumulation of food particles around the wisdom tooth. Since they are partially above the gums it becomes difficult to clean the teeth and keep them in a hygienic state. Normally the ailment is accompanied by swelling and pain around the teeth
• Impacted: It is common that your wisdom teeth do not find ample space to grow and develop. This results in the tooth projecting at an awkward angle causing pain, swelling and bleeding.
• Decay: There is also a chance that the wisdom tooth may decay unnoticed owing to their position in the mouth.
• Crowding: The emerging tooth can also damage the already existing teeth in surrounding area causing them to fall off or damage them structurally.
So it is always important that you visit your London dentist as soon as your begin to have problems with your wisdom tooth.