06 Nov

Getting a 6 month smile in the city of London

We live in a very fast world and we like to have our demands met- we see things and we want them here and we want them now and that attitude extends to how we look and how we smile. Well, when it comes to teeth, help is on hand in the city of London. There’s a new kid on the block from the U.S.A. called the 6-month smile. It’s a brace procedure designed for a quick fix. Imagine…you’re getting married in the year but, will that buck tooth spoil the wedding photo? This is the treatment for you. Like any fitted brace, the process requires consultation followed by x-rays and photos to assess your requirements. The treatment will correct alignment, teeth that stick out and gaps, but it’s not overly concerned with the occlusion (bite) of the mouth like other braces- it does what it’s designed to do in six months. Initially you will be fitted with small tooth coloured brackets connected by wires- this may cause discomfort at first. Monthly visits to the dentist will be required to make constant adjustment until the treatment is complete and a retainer used afterwards to prevent the procedure reversing itself. It’s quick and it’s painless and all over in time for the big event……….say cheese!