07 Jun

Getting a Bleaching Tray in the city of London

If you’ve become rather addicted to the city of London’s craze of home bleaching kits for your teeth, you may have found that the cheaper of the kits supply a ‘one size fits all’ bleaching tray, which frankly, when you pop them into the mouth, do not really fit at all. Some of the more intricate kits do supply a thermoform tray. It’s a material that you can mould yourself to the upper and lower teeth in your mouth before you start the bleaching process. The advantage here is that it will hold the bleach in a lot better. But they tend to only last a couple of sessions. So if you like to keep your teeth white by these kits and use them a lot, it is possible to have trays custom made for your mouth. Pro-White Smile trays offer a tray that is tailored to you. They send you an impression kit with a full set of instructions and then you take a mould of your mouth. Then when you send it back, the tray is manufactured in a lab. Of course, there are some treatments such as Enlighten that offer the same type of molding- tailored to your mouth, except it is your dentist that takes the impression for you before you continue the treatment at home.