08 Feb

Getting a Dental Crown Placement in the City- It’s Easier than you think

There is a pretty good chance that almost all of us in the city of London, at some point in our lives, will succumb to some to some form of tooth decay, chipping or cracks, meaning that a crown placement will be required to restore the damage done. But such are the progress and refinements of dental procedures these days, having a crown fitted has never been easier, and will not only restore the look to the teeth, but also maintain the health of your mouth. The treatment requires x-rays and clearing out any decay in the tooth- it may even require a root canal, but once this has been done, the dentist can then take impressions of your tooth so that the crown can be made and then fitted. This would normally take a couple of visits, although if you are in a hurry, you can have CEREC treatment that can complete the restoration in one visit. It’s at this point you get to choose the material the crown is made from. Resin, porcelain and porcelain-over-metal are the more popular choices and look very natural, although, if a crown is required at the back of the mouth where the tooth undergoes a lot of pressure from chewing and biting, a more durable material such as gold alloy may be required.