10 Dec

Getting a Digital X-ray in Central London

If you are of a certain age, cast your mind back to your dentist’s surgery when you were growing up in central London and try to remember what it was like when you had an x-ray: for a start, you may have had to go somewhere that had an x-ray machine in those days. Then it would take a couple of weeks to have them processed and posted back to your dentist. When you went to get the results, the dentist would disappear into a room at the back of the surgery and walk among a library of x-rays to find yours and then finally, you could be diagnosed and treated. So how wonderful it is then that the digital x-ray has come along and finally stopped all of this time wasting. It really is a dentist’s and patient’s dream. Though the process of having an x-ray appears the same, that’s where the comparison stops. Digital uses up to 90% less radiation when taking an image and once it has been taken, it’s on a computer screen seconds later. This fast-tracking means that your dentist can make an instant diagnosis and get to work on you straight away. If your problems require specialist treatment, your dentist can e-mail your images to a specialist and have an on-line consultation. The storing of your x-rays can now be put on the computer system and accessed at the touch of a button meaning that the dentist’s surgery is now virtually paper free compared to the days of your youth.