18 Oct

Getting a hole filled in London with a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges have been with us for decades in London; patching up the problems of tooth loss is always a delicate time in someone’s life, but bridges do it admirably. They have gone through a bit of development over the years though, due largely to the introduction of the dental implant, which when used in conjunction with a bridge, gives tremendous support to the fitting and extends its longevity. Before, bridges would have been slotted into a gap via the use of resins and wires; now though, the more preferable choice is to have them cemented to the surrounding teeth with a mini-implant to anchor it firmly into the mouth. Notoriously awkward to clean around and under, you just have to practice to get it right so you will need advice from your dentist on what to use and how you go about this; if you do learn to get this right and look after your bridge, they will look after you and your mouth for a good 15 years in return. What is more important as, well as the look and joy they give back to your mouth (a bridge will fit in perfectly), they will help to maintain the overall balance of health in your mouth.