18 Nov

Getting a mini dental implant in the city of London

Having to wear dentures in the city of London can lead to a big lifestyle change, especially if you are fond of dining out. Often, normal bonding can limit your choice of cuisine. But, help is on hand in the form of mini implants that can hold the dentures fast, allowing you to once again enjoy the delights of eating a steak in public. Mini implants are becoming more and more popular with dentists because of their ease of fitting and the illuminating benefits they give to those wearing dentures or needing small crowns. They are much smaller than normal implants- a thin as a cocktail stick, but the size required will depend on the condition of the bone they are attached to and they are more commonly used in conjunction with a lower denture. A hole is drilled through the gum and into the jawbone and the implant attached. With a mini implant, no gum tissue has to be cut, so there is no long healing process of 3-6 months, as with standard implants, so the newly customised dentures can be clicked onto the mini implants (between 4-6) immediately. This whole operation takes around an hour and a half (an extended dinner break!) with the use of a local anaesthetic, is quite painless. There may be some discomfort afterwards until the implants settle but this can be checked with mild painkillers. The price is a third of standard implants, but the greatest advantage of all is that you can book into your favourite diner once again, that very same evening! Bon appetite!