16 Nov

Getting a new Toothbrush in the City of London

Most of us try our hardest to look after our teeth in the city of London with the best products that money can buy. But it is going to be an ongoing labour of love and as you go through life, you are going to have to continually update your products. One of the main products in this equation is your toothbrush- the thing that you use the most. Brush technology develops year on year, so you have no excuse for getting the best out there. The first thing to do is get your bristles right: your gums and teeth will benefit greatly if you get this correct. Then, it’s all about the type of stick that you need- again this is down to a bit of trying the product out; some are bendy, some are angled so you will have to find the one for you.  Now however, there are some amazing electric toothbrushes on the market: they take all of the work out of brushing for you; some pulsate, some rotate and others will go up and down, but all will save your wrist from overactive use. In all cases though, whether it’s a hand-held brush or an electric one, the bristles will get worn, so it’s important that you change this at least once a year.