21 Aug

Getting a Root Canal in Central London

Root canal treatment has always been a touchy subject to talk about for some people in central London and that’s because it’s a generational thing. When this treatment leaped onto the scene, it was a marvellous leap forward in the treatment of tooth decay. But with any idea, you need the tools to carry it out with, which is why there are so many painful horror stories attached to having your ‘roots’ done. Essentially, what is involved in this treatment is to first get inside the tooth and remove the infected pulp, then comes the tricky part, the removal of the roots. Now roots grow how they want to and can twist and turn, making it difficult to drill the roots out; in extreme cases, the gum would have to be cut and an entry made from the side of the tooth. When the roots were finally removed, then the tooth could be disinfected and crowned. Wind forward to the present and the process of the treatment hasn’t changed at all, but the tools most certainly have. We now live in the age of the laser and this gets the job done so much easier and without any pain whatsoever. Many dentists use lasers in the treatment today so you should try it if you have let your teeth decay and help dispel the myths surrounding root canals- whatever way you go, it may just save your tooth.