04 Sep

Getting a Root Canal in the City of London

With the improvements in technology, dentists in the city of London have been able to make great strides in offering the best procedures for their patients. A lot of this has been down to lasers which have started to replace the drill and scalpel, and that give the patient virtually pain-free treatments. This is never more evident than in the treatment of tooth decay which can often require root canal treatment if the tooth is to be saved. If tooth decay is allowed to get a hold on the tooth, it will eat its way into the tooth and infect everything inside, including the roots. Roots can be problematic in the way that they grow which meant that in the past, drilling them out could be difficult- sometimes, the dentist would have to cut into the tooth from the side through the gums, which probably lend weight to the theory that root canal treatment is very painful (lasers do this job a lot more efficiently and with very little trauma to you or your mouth). But if the tooth is to be cleared of decay, the roots have to be cleaned out with whatever method necessary. Only then can the whole of the tooth be cleared of infection, disinfected and then filled and crowned. Today, the treatment has become refined and most dentists can offer you this service in the city.