15 Aug

Getting Crowned in London

Any damage or tooth loss to your mouth requires immediate treatment in London in order to re-address the healthy balance to your mouth and to ensure your teeth and smile continues to look fantastic and after the initial treatment to the affected area, chances are you’ll need to be fitted with a crown in order to restore the tooth to its original glory. Crowns are used in various fields of damage repair to the mouth, the two major ones being tooth decay and dental implant procedures. In all scenarios, it is where you need a crown fitted that governs what type of is required teeth at the front of the mouth go through very little stress and so most people would normally opt for a pure porcelain one, purely to maintain the beauty of the smile- some choose gold again, for vanity reasons- in fact, if you have the inclination and the money, these crowns can be made from anything you fancy. However rear teeth require a more practical take; the rear of the mouth is exposed to a lot more forces from chewing and so the emphasis is firstly more on strength and durability. Again, gold is a perfect choice in this area and has the ability to absorb impact because it is malleable. Porcelain-over-metal crowns are more rigid but are also as strong. Both practicality and vanity come into choosing a crown so you might like to enlist the help of your dentist before making your choice.